Bungie Teases Destiny 2 Fans With Upcoming Expansion Reveal – The Final Shape

Bungie Teases Destiny 2 Fans With Upcoming Expansion Reveal – The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Final Shape is set to bring an end to the intergalactic combat shooter game’s years-long story. Bungie has released new information on its upcoming Destiny 2 showcase, giving players the first look at what kind of content they can expect from the islanders’ epic piece of the epic Tale of Time and Darkness. What they can expect to see in Season 22, along with other announcements related to the game.

The Final Shape Will Conclude the Current Storyline of Destiny 2

The showcase will take place on August 22, 2023. The pre-show will begin at 8am PT, and the main show will proceed at 9am PT, with what players can expect to be a live stream focused on the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, Which is meant to conclude Destiny 2’s current Light and Darkness storyline. Streams will be available on YouTube and Twitch, Twitch Drops will be enabled, and players will receive a special emblem after watching 30 minutes of a stream.

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While we don’t have any details at this point, we can expect some information about the overarching narrative and new content players can enjoy, such as maps and potential classes and activities players can engage in. Additionally, the expansion will also see the return of fan-favorite Key 6, and Keith David will be cast in the role of Zavala earlier this year, following the passing of Lance Reddick earlier this year.

Following the showcase, there will be a roundtable discussion that will delve into the details of the expansion and then discuss what players can expect over the next year of Destiny 2. To get players excited for the showcase, Bungie has released a new trailer that revisits the biggest moments in Destiny’s story, taking fans down memory lane all they’ve done and seen, while prepares for this final chapter of the story.

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