Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Trailer Puts You In The Shoes Of An Iconic Villain

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Trailer Puts You In The Shoes Of An Iconic Villain

Final Fantasy VII fans are in for a lot of joy with a number of new games coming out over the next few years. We recently enjoyed a great remake, but Square Enix is taking a dive into Final Fantasy VII lore. Who’d have thought that a once-perfect classic would turn into a self-contained franchise?

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is the latest in a series of productions, and it’s looking better with every trailer. Speaking of trailers, Square Enix was kind enough to release a new trailer on their official Twitter. He didn’t hesitate to introduce some new and returning characters along with the structure of the story. We also got to see a few more Sephiroth, which is never a bad thing, that is, unless you’ve just seen Masamune Master like we’ve never seen before.

Guess who’s coming to dinner

That’s right, the evil character himself, Sephiroth, is making his return, but in a completely new form. For players who want to know how Laxgami became the hero, there is a whole new playable story that details his tragic background. Along with the shocking announcement, the compilation also dropped a few hints at how the story works. Players will get a chance to see the world from the perspective of the original veteran team, as well as some new faces.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any new information, so fans will be eager to discover anything via the new story trailer. You can be assured that anything Sephiroth-related will be tied to the upcoming title “Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth,” so anyone interested in the lore may be compelled to check it out. Despite his new appearance, we all know Sephiroth’s story is bound to be pretty bizarre in ways we never imagined.

Hopefully, we’ll get even more visits to Wutai and Midgar. Final Fantasy VII: Remake explores both sides well, but many questions still remain unanswered. One thing’s for sure, both Genesis and Angel’s boyfriends are on their way to more appearances from the legendary soldiers. Meanwhile, we all look forward to the release next month.

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