PDP Afterglow Wave Controller Review – Lights, Controller, Action!

PDP Afterglow Wave Controller Review – Lights, Controller, Action!

There are several controller options available for Windows and Xbox users, providing many features that are not part of the standard Xbox Series X/S controllers. The PDPI Afterglow Wave Controller is a budget item that offers impressive visuals and a number of customization options to enhance your experience. If you need help guiding your way through the Builders Gate 3 or the Starfield to Baldur’s Gate 3 or the Starfield, there is some help available.

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The PDP Afterglow Wave wired controller is an officially licensed Xbox product, meaning that its general layout and button scheme follows the rules and button arrangement of the Xbox Series X/S. It also includes two back buttons, a headphone jack, and a function button that combines with the D-pad to perform various functions, such as turning the volume down.

Key Details

  • Developer – PDP
  • Accessory – Controller
  • Bluetooth – No
  • Audio: 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
  • Price: $44.99


The PDPI Afterglow Wave Controller works with Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Since this is an officially licensed Xbox product, it does not work with any other console.

The Good – Glorious Visuals & Customization Options

The PDP Afterglow Wave controller has RGB lights on its surface, with a display similar to that used in many keyboards. Once plugged in, you’ll enjoy a stream of rainbow colors across the surface of the controller. If you press the Function and Shoulder buttons, you can switch between different color schemes and speeds. In terms of visuals, the PDP Afterglow Wave is going to be the most impressive and is ideal if you play in a dark room.

However, visuals are meaningless if the controls themselves don’t work autonomously. Thankfully, the PDPI Afterglow Wave is a high-quality controller with a super-responsive stick set, which makes it very comfortable to use. The Function button is also useful, as it can adjust audio via the D-pad or fine-tune game chat and audio balance. Its use can also be extended to easily program the back button for your needs.

If you want to further customize the controller, you can download the free PDIP Control Hub app, which is available on both Windows PC and Xbox systems. The app allows you to reconfigure the button layout and the RGB mix of the lights. Makes it easy to do. The PDIP Control Hub can also be used to test for any problems with the sticks and, if necessary, re-calibrate them to be as accurate as possible.

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