Starfield Timeline Reveals When Humans Went To Space & Events Leading To Present

Starfield Timeline Reveals When Humans Went To Space & Events Leading To Present

After years of anticipation, Bethesda’s latest space epic is almost here, and naturally, it’s generating a lot of buzz among players. Like other Bethesda titles, there will be a rich background and lore for players to uncover and explore on their adventurous quests. The developers have given players a first look at the history of the Brave New universe.

The Extensive Timeline Show’s Humanities Journey to the Stars in Bethesda’s Upcoming Space Epic

The Starfield website presents the history of human exploration in space through a timeline, covering various important events and moments prior to the game’s setting. It begins with humanity taking its first steps on the surface of Mars in 2050, eventually reaching our neighboring Alpha Centauri star system by 2156, and establishing joint colonies a few years later. Between the factions, a player will battle on his adventures.

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After this, the timeline continues with the establishment of New Atlantis, with some wars between different factions, including the Freestar Federation, the discovery of alien objects, and the coming together of several important characters. Organization and composition from which players in the field of stars will join. With “Constellation”, which would be considered the main organization of players in the field of stars.

Additionally, we also get information about some of the characters we meet in the game, such as Sarah Morgan, Sam Ko, and Vladimir Saal, as well as some details about the years that take place before the game’s setting, in which the United The colony is defeated in a battle by the Freestar Collective, and “The Eye” is created, a deep space scanner that we can see at some point during the game. It’s quite long, so if you’re interested in Starfield’s history and plot, it’s a recommended viewing to get the full details.

Bethesda doesn’t shy away from filling its games with lore and history, and Starfield seems to be no different. To the extent that the snippets we’re shown include in-depth world-building and details about the universe, we can imagine that in the full release, there’s a lot more to know, read, hear or discover during your daring escapades will be.

Players won’t have to wait too long to discover the rest of the Starfield universe, as the game is set to release on September 6 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. If you want to join early, get the premium version and get five days of early access.




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